Wait for it….its.. its.. OH LAND…

I sometimes amaze myself with what I stumble upon, those that are random often become favourites… Okay, so what might I be talking about?

Me having a deep love affair with music, will tell you that I have sound that inspires the every little nerve in my ten toes to twiggle… A one-woman band that goes by the name of Oh Land, this delicious Danish nostalgic voice and electronic pin-pop tunes am loving… So some background is needed. She goes by the term Oh Land, but her birth certificate states Nanna Øland Fabricius. At 16 she moved to Sweden to pursue a career in ballet, but after a back injury opted for a more musical path – thank goodness for that! The 25-year-old strikes a gorgeous model features and now occupies Brooklyn after being signed with Epic Records.

please do yourself a favour and hit http://www.myspace.com/ohland or head on straight to her Facebook official site..

Atm busy listening to ‘Sun of a gun’ , i can feel creativity in her songs and her style is an eye-catching compliment.. With her model features, great fashion combo – i actually envy all the designers that dress her!! She is like a rag doll that I just want to dress up!!! Too good of a combo!


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