I know I am constantly apologising for my lack of blogfulness, but currently due to my circumstances – yes university is a bitch. Excuse my French* been hibernating like a freaking bear with the books in my room I call my cave.

So where to begin? Ok, right. I am finally on holiday, which is more like a ten-day study break! Not impressed at all. But on more news, my style is evolving like a butterfly each day, pop-it, eclectic and arty… I am a fashion student after all.

Right, let’s get back on topic… so much has happened since my last post. The development of stronger bonds between me and my friends, my amazing new sisters, Tracy my godmother and my new brothers xander & sahil have just made my life so much lovelier… hahaha..
Oh yes, did I mention my photo shoot that I recently had with SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE SA?! Well I’m not bragging or anything, but yes I will be featuring in their matric dance issue which comes out in July/august. I even missed my marketing test – yes, for the love of fashion! I wore dresses by the talented Gert Johan Coetzee – hellooo?? It was just a couple posts ago that I blogged about him and then I’m wearing him!! I really wish I could post pics, but will have to wait till the issue comes out 

Since I’m a student I’m always experimenting with my clothing, and investing in staple pieces can take you for miles!

Now let’s move onto my second favourite love, which keeps me sane and keeps my head bobbing… the love of MUSIC!!!
Rocking my playlists at the moment we have:

1. LUPE FIASCO – lasers
To know inspirational, non-rubbish lyrics that makes you listen and feel?! Do yourself a favour, please buy his album!! We all love lasers.

2. 2AM Club –What did you think was going to happen?
So I have recently stumbled upon them, and I cannot for the life of me get enough! It’s a combo of vampire weekend meets arcade fire meets the xx’s meets kings of Leon meets electro pop… I can’t even describe it!! It’s just TASTY! It’s my new feel good, wake me, make me sleep, let me cry, let me fall in love music… it’s all EMPHASIS!! The members are uber cute and they make me smile!

3. Julian Perretta – this boy had me at ‘HELLO’ when I heard his voice… I got tangled up in those locks of his… and then I “WONDER WHY” … blues + mika + olly murs = love!

So I’m sure that every fashion blogger and every other blog in general has been keeping notes on the affair of the Royal Wedding. I for one, have been doing so but in actual fact I’ve always loved Kate Middleton – yes Prince Harry please take note, having a little miss piggy by your side is not really a suitable match… I for one will be counting down till the door opens and out steps Kate. For heaven’s sake, no one’s going to remember anything else except the DRESS!! Internets will crash and so will social networks, as bloggers head full steam ahead and twitter bugs tweet till their fingers get numb and Facebook status’ become a blur… yes how the world will turn to England, forgetting the poverty in Africa, the refugees and freedom fighters and focus on a wedding. Joy. I will of course add my dose of criticism, but, I’m brutal but in a nice manner 

For now, I’m out…
The kupkake


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