In for the kill

Ok, so we all know that I am an absolute music slave. Very essential. Without it, i’m sure i would fade away… Anywhose, there’s a lady I’d like to introduce you to. She goes by the name of Natalia, Natalia Kills…

Natalia Cappuccini (born August 15, 1986), hailing from the UK is a singer, songwriter, actress and short-film director residing in London and LA. She was previously known as  Verbalicious and verbz. Signed with Interscope Records, Kills released her debut studio album Perfectionist in April of 2011.

I’m sure you are familiar with her vocals from LMFAO’s Champagne Showers… A couple of months ago I stumbled upon one of her tracks ‘Wonderland’ and instantly fell inlove!

Her debut album ‘Perfectionist’ has literally led my heart into over drive! Referring to her as a new genre being ‘Dark Pop’ , there is nothing more catchier and vibey.

Another reason why I love her, is her amazing fashion sense.Like seriously, she isn’t controversial like Lady G nor is she innocent like Taylor Swift (and thank the pope for that). Its almost like a new generation of artistic creations. These artists Kills and also Dev, represent their individual identity. They keep their beat to their belt – if that makes any sense.
Natalia opting for loud, dark and grunge and a whole lot of Black liquid liner – which I have dearly missed since the passing of Amy Winehouse.

So do yourself a favour and have a listen for Miss Kills… you wont regret it. I mean she has a song titled “Kill my Boyfriend” » her lyrics are deep and meaningful, and she plays around with a whole lot of dark humour and wit – which is very unusual but its just so damn good!! My favourite songs, will have to be : “Broke”, “Kill my Boyfriend”, “heaven” , ” If i was God” …


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