Let’s T.A.N


If I someone gave me a rand for every time I attempted starting a blog (basically back when I was still in high school) I would be able to retire and leave University because I’d be that rich!

Let me cut to the chase, T.A.N is a blog that I’ve really wanted to start for a very long time and hopefully now I am more than determined to keep it running due to my enthusiasm for the music and fashion industry being so much more developed.

I don’t regard myself as a blogger, but more so of a connoisseur. Any one can be a blogger these days. 

T.A.N stands for “The Alternative Native” – just realised that someone could actually read the address of this as ‘the alter native native’ hahahaha – let’s focus! The Alternative Native is me, being your alternative blog. I’m not a fan of pretty blogs, I need substance! And that is what I hope to deliver to you.

Watch this space for upcoming designers and artists, my rookie attempt at delicious meals for one and my addiction to series&movies… also things in general that I find really interesting that I would like to share with you!



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