Hozier: Genre- Singer/Songwriter Genius

Source: Hozier Official Website

Source: Hozier Official Website

About 2 weeks ago my friend introduced me to the sweet sound of this voice. Since then I’ve been able to pick out my favourites and play certain songs on repeat.

So who is Hozier? To put it simply; his music is the perfect infusion of indie rock meets folk.

Andrew Hozier-Byrne or as we know him, Hozier; is an Irish musician hailing from Bray, County Wicklow. Having released his debut in EP Take Me to Church in 2013 and then his second EP in 2014 From Eden, finally he graced our ears and playlists with his first self-titled studio album.

In 2013 he released his first EP Take Me to Church, the title track became his breakthrough single after landing itself on youtube. Since then Hozier featured on iTunes charts, festivals and tv shows.

It was in June this year where he announced the release of his first solo album, under Island Records.

Much to our delight, Hoziers’ hit single Take Me to Church is now echoes in the new Beats commercial starring LeBron James. The clip, which was released on Saturday, celebrates the James return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and his home base of Akron, Ohio.

Of course I have my favorite song on the whole album is ‘Sedated’

There’s something about this song that has drawn me in, the way the drums just build up into the chorus and then the guitar strings everything together into this charming addiction on repeat. Despite there already being a music vid for this song, I have actually the perfect idea/concept to re-do the vid – Hozier, my man if you interested or ever read this post CONTACT ME so I can share my ideas. hahahaha

To listen to his music check out his website, youtube channel or visit his soundcloud page.

Actually just purchase his via his website or iTunes



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