Lo-Fang: Blue Film

Source: Billboard

Source: Billboard

You know when you listen to an album that has indie vibes going on with the subtle touch of ambiance and a hint of electronic and then a dash of jazz meets dream pop; and to put it simply it really speaks and opens up the soul.

Well, let me introduce to one such artist who might I add with that jaw line could just pass as a model. Matthew Hemerlein, or if we more familiar with his stage name Lo-Fang; is a singer-songwriter and classically trained musician – hence why his album is just amazing!

So he does have quite the unique stage name; having said that he came up with it while driving through Sedona, Arizona on his way LA.. Choosing it due to the symmetry of the letters, as he attempted to find a balance between feminine and masculine elements in his music.

In September 2013 he signed to 4AD. While traveling around the world he wrote his début album “Blue Film“, which initially started out as a mixtape but thanks to a collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Francois Tetaz we got a full-length album instead.

Currently the opening act for Lorde.

His debut album Blue Film was released earlier in February 2014.

Lo-Fang Blue Film : Favourite Songs

Lo-Fang Blue Film : Favourite Songs

Now fashion folk and any- & everyone familiar with the latest Chanel No.5 ‘mini-film’ advert directed by the genius that is Baz Luhrmann, is most likely to remember the husky romantic cover of You’re the One that I Want from the classic 1978 film Grease. Baz chose Lo-Fang to perform the song, which is exceptionally seductive and alluring, and is also on his album.

This album is perfect for a chilled day, relaxing by the pool, reading, cooking, being creative. It’s soothing, and would also be great on a mixtape for when you just want to drive and get away, let go of everything and be with yourself.

Visit his official website for more info on the latest gigs, checkout his YouTube page, stream his music via Spotify, like his Facebook, page buy his album via Amazon, iTunes or 4AD.




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