What If….

Source: Cheeky Chicago

Source: Cheeky Chicago


Let me start of by saying that  this movie is,by far and without a doubt spot on about relationships of today.

The Story

Wallace a med school drop out, played by the dashing Daniel Radcliffe carries with him a heavy load of failed relationships, of which the story begins with his emergence back into society after walking in on his girlfriend and their lecturer getting it on. Poor bloke. So after a year of hibernation, his first contact with the opposite sex is Chantry an animator, played by Zoe Kazan, related to Wallace’s best friend Allan (Adam Driver). It’s an immediate ‘meet cute’ situation, like when two pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together. But as we know love is not as easy as its made to be in these movies.

Source: Teen

Source: Teen

The Plot twist

Chantry has a boyfriend, 5 years strong. This of course leaves dear Wallace out in the cold and dead in the middle of the ‘friendzone’ – which I’m sure many of us can relate. The chemistry between Chantry and Wallace is so evident, there’s a link and a bond that they both seem to share. It’s them having coffee/lunch/movie dates together, conversing via email (take note I hardly remember any use of texting via cellular device)  on topics such as faeces and fools gold, and things that only they can share and be weird about.

Source: IMDB

Source: IMDB

The Truth

Of course, Wallace does end up having feelings for Chantry but he doesn’t want to be that guy. You know, the guy that breaks up the relationship, because according to him; “It starts dirty, it ends dirty. A relationship that starts in a break-up is doomed to end in a break-up” – at this point he states that he is fine with just being friends. But the feelings are just building, advice from his best mate Allan is being 1) sleazy 2)conniving 3) pathetic 4) honest or 5) move on…… Which will Wallace choose?

Source: IMDB

Source: IMDB

The End

It’s a roller coaster tug-of-war emotions from both sides, the ending seems predictable at this point but… GO WATCH THE MOVIE! It’s really worth it!


Allan and Nicole (Mackenzie Davis) are sexed up love struck couple who support/motivate Wallace in convincing him that he and Chantry should date and stuff.

Director: Michael Dowse


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