Mind the GAP this Christmas


I’ve never experienced waking up to snow on Christmas morning, but I do know the feeling of waking up and finding that Barbie I wanted under the Christmas tree (I was 10 years old). Mistletoe and awkward parties have never been experienced either, however in the latest string of GAP ads which aired on November 3rd, I got the feeling of knowing and understanding.

“Gauntlet” – “I Got Stripes” by Johnny Cash.

The latest installment of ads were created by Weiden + Kennedy  and directed by (one of my fav) Academy-Award directors Sofia Coppola (smart move there GAP). The new ads are centered around Gap’s “Dress Normal” campaign and brings a sense of familiarity, and well basically we can all identify with one of the four ads.

Now, the “Dress Normal” concept which was launched this fall, was matter of fact supposed to reinvigorate the 45-year-old brand, of which the concept comes into play of trying to make people feel good about buying conventional, genre-and-boundary-hewing clothes. Basically, other brands are all going in one direction and GAP is here; like ‘no, let’s go in the opposite direction. It’s okay to do that’ – people don’t understand that.

“Mistletoe” by The Promise’s – “I’m Not Ready for Love.”

An analyst from Janney Capital Markets, Adrienne Yih-Tennant  stated; “While intended to be provocative and ironic, we believe the fall floor may be, in a word, to ‘normal'” . With store sales decreasing, the company opted for heavy discount dosage. Clearly, normality doesn’t seem to be working – just yet?

HA! And that’s where Sofia Coppola comes in. Coppola is a genius, her movies have been nothing short of remarkable/mind-boggling/extraordinary/amazing/noteworthy etc etc (jeez I fan-girled so hard). Anyways, in true Coppola fashion each of the ads; titled “Gauntlet”, “Mistletoe”,”Crooner” and “Pinball” respectively, have their own dash of originality and soundtrack to match.

“Crooner” by Johnnie Ray’s – “Cry.”

GAP’s Chief Marketing Officer, Seth Farbman said; “Sofia has brilliantly translated Gap’s snapshots of these authentic family characters to the screen. Sofia is a great fashion icon and helped us bring our fashion themes to life along the storytelling of family fun for the festive season.”

Personally, the way each ad was executed brought out what I think GAP should focus on – family. The brand is built on the dynamics that its the one-stop apparel store for the entire family this festive season – but why not have it all year round, offering value and quality – essentially being normal. Nevertheless, I love the story telling and family orientation about each of the ads.

“Pinball” – “Deep Down,” by Hazel and the Jolly Boys.




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