Hey Arnold!

If you have never in your entire life watched Hey Arnold, please stop reading and head on over to Netflix or something and BINGE WATCH!

I may be 22 years old, but one thing that I will always be found of is the animated Nickelodeon shows – those were the good old days, not the nonsense that’s now on tv. One of my favourite shows growing up was Hey Arnold, I always wished there was a spin-off about life after P.S 118 – but thanks to artist extraordinaire Nuri Durr, he has helped me get closure.

I always felt that I could relate to each character, they each had a quality or some characteristic about them that I could identify with. For example; Helga was completely lovestruck when it came to Arnold – for me, there was always a boy who had as ‘ga-ga’ as she was. Gerald, easy-going creative  best friend and confidant, Arnold was the voice of reason – the realist – I’m not as a realist but the ways he approached a situation I could relate to. Finally one of my fav characters was Rhonda – the bitch; am I a bitch? No. But I could be when rubbed up the wrong way.

You can read the full article via Mashable, where we get an inside look on the adult version on the characters, and with thanks to Durr many of our questions are answered; like does Arnold and Helga get married? What happens to Gerald? Is grandpa Phil still alive? Does the stoop kid ever leave the stoop?

Source: Mashable (Arnold)

Source: Mashable (Helga)


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