This Weeks’ Wordplay

This week on Hit The Floor I added film and music writer to my fashion writer title – YAY ME! Love HTF and the opportunity!

In fashion this week, Reebok Classic unveiled their new Fall/Winter collection which features the brand ambassador Kiko Mizuhara fronting the latest campaign.

Source: Hit The Floor Reebok Official Promo

In music news, the Lorde – curated soundtrack for The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 revealed a new track – Ariana Grande lending her vocal talents to Major Lazer. At first I was like wtf, but after listening to it, I was all ”THANK GOD FOR MAJOR LAZER. The song is actually really good. Listen here

Next up, Band Aid 30 released the re-recorded song and video for ‘Do they know it’s Christmas time?’ – thanks Sir Bob Geldof. Watch the video here

Source: HTF


Another WTF moment, Jack U aka Skrillex and Diplo reveal that they are producing a track for Justin Bieber! Read about it here

A solid reason to roll & light up for BOB. Just read the article – Marley Natural

And finally, Rick Ross‘ new album Hood Billionaire is available for streaming.

Now for some film news; one of my fav Disney Princesses FINALLY gets her own movie. Watch the official trailer for Cinderella here.




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