Fire The Cannons!

Source: Official Facebook page

Source: Official Facebook page

I have Soundcloud to thank for a lot of the music that will be coming your way. For example, this band in particular came up on the side bar and I was like ‘hmm’ – the picture caught my attention, but when I pressed play that was definitely when I knew I had struck gold and we were meant to be.

If you haven’t heard of them before please do yourself a favour and head on over to Soundcloud or bandcamp, and get lost in the majestic sounds of Cannons. Being the groupie that I am, I’m still in awe that they accepted my Q&A request, so while you read all about them listen to my fav picks as well!

Let’s get down to business… FIRE THE CANNONS!

So who and what is Cannons? The band consists of three members, Michelle JoyPaul Davis and Ryan Clapham. Ryan and Paul, who are childhood friends, grew up with love for making music and lent their talent to a range of different projects over the years. The addition of Michelle is quite cute and something rather unusual. Ryan and Paul had met Michelle via ‘Craigslist’ (if all hope is lost while looking for lead vocals – your dear friend Craig always has your back). The band who hails from Southern California was ready for business and began their new musical adventure in November 2013.

Source: Official Facebook Page

Source: Official Facebook Page

There are many ways to describe their genre of music; I state it as indie soul funk. The band states they jokingly call it ‘Future Boogie’, but ideally under the influence of 1960.1970 soul music & R’n’B teamed with a pinch of house and a touch of electronic; will give you a sultry textured melody. Also, there is something so raw and beautiful (I know that may not make sense) about Michelle’s voice and then combine it with sound production – GOOD LAWD! AMAZING!

Source: Official Facebook page

Source: Official Facebook page

Currently the band has one EP titled “Up All Night“, with four tracks giving us a little taste of what the band has to offer with regards to song writing and Cannons vibe. With this being the bands’ main focus, it has allowed for them to not only have released their first EP, but also gifted us with additional follow-up tracks. This is of course a great way to create a buzz and start attracting a bigger audience.

Okay, you can breathe now because the band is very positive when it comes to future prospects. Releasing more songs, completing an album (I’m excited already!), along with touring and festivals – yup, I can live with that.

So for now music folk, you can stream their music directly via SoundCloud or Spotify, and can buy their EP with all the additional tracks (including my absolute favourite ‘Spells’) from bandcamp.

Photo credit: Cannons official Facebook page, in other words go ‘Like’ their page to keep up-to-date with a band that we will soon be hearing more off!


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