Dahui Li Brings You A Colourful Affair

A collection for the Spring Summer season should have two things: colour and minimalism. It should offer the wearer the ability to mix and match and still be able to carry the items through to the next year.This is where designer Dahui Li comes into play. Li is the brainchild behind the self-titled label with which has produced an effortless collection for SS15.  

Li obtained a BFA degree from Columbus College of Art and Design, and states that he always knew he wanted to pursue a career in fashion.

With his interest first being sparked by reading all the fashion magazines that his mother would bring home, and it can be said that through his mothers’ exceptional fashion taste when it came to fashion that drew him in more. With she hiring pattern makers and seamstresses to make her own customized designs, making her wardrobe unique and one of kind.

Dahui Li collage 4

With the concept of Dahui Li was due to an ode of classic design with a hint of subtle detail in order to portray individual femininity in each item. Li admires designers such as Anna Sui and Mary Katrantzou, with this becoming more evident in him drawing inspiration from contemporary art.

The SS15 collection is breathtaking, especially for brand that was founded in April 2014 and already having the first collection launched in September 2014. Stating that the goal for the brand is to add newness and longevity to the world of fashion. Giving the Dahui Li wearer the confidence and making the customer feel special.

Li states that in order to really make a brand it is important to have the following three things; great designs, industry connections and financial support. What separates emerging label from rest of the fashion industry; is that each piece in the collection has been inspired by the designer’s life and observation. The Dahui Li label brings into focus a design perspective and not on conforming to market needs.

Dahui Li collage 3

The evident motif in the SS 15 collection is the play on colour, with application of hues and shades bringing to life a contemporary RTW pieces. Colour is the main focal point as it is a reflection of the designer himself – positive and colourful. The designer explains that they wish that with all the colour combinations of their designs they are able to cheer people up and bring happiness to those that wear Dahui Li. With the SS15 collection inspired by Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi; multiple layers of fabric was used to create 3D images. With this brought together the use of colour and sharp silhouettes to give us an innovative collection for the upcoming season.

Currently the team is busy designing their FW15 collection which is inspired by New York 1920’s Chic mixed with contemporary geometric painting – something that I am personally quite eager to see!

As this is Dahui Li’s first collection, it was received with a good applause which boosted the brands confidence and enabled them continue to grow. When looking to the future the brand hopes to start selling at more places and for a bigger international market expansion. Stating that their greatest achievement so far is that their products will be sold in the UK, which has been one of the goals for the brand.

Dahui Li collage 2

With the clothing and textile industry known for its cut throat business; Dahui Li states that in order to survive and succeed a “design label must have its own identity, with designs that are consistent and most importantly always believe in yourself and be patient.”

Success to the Dahui Li label is when the people that wear Dahui Li feel special and happy, and then that’s when they have succeeded.

A breakdown of a day in the life of Dahui Li consists of answering emails, finding design concepts and preparing for next season collections whilst running factories for season production and sourcing and purchasing of fabric and trims – it’s evident that that this label lives fashion and is about to turn up the heat in the fashion industry.

Dahui Li collage

View the complete lookbook here

Ready to purchase the items?

The collection is available in-store and online at Wolf&Badger, online via Not Just A Label, as well as online via the The Black Alley. The Dahui Li online store will be opened in March 2015.


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