Undress Your Soul With The DuBarrys

Before you continue reading I need you to first press play and let your soul reawaken in all forms of vulnerability and beauty…

Okay now that that’s done… how amazing is the song so far? If you think the song is great, the band is better and I can state that I’ve finally found the missing link to my music collection.

Find out all about the lovely gents of The Dubarrys

Source: Official Facebook Page

Source: Official Facebook Page

The lads of The DuBarrys consist of  Alex (vocals, rhythm guitar), Rax (lead guitar, Bv’s), Chich (bass, Bv’s) and Dylan (drums, Bv’s). Having met during their first year at university in Brighton, it just so happened that Alex, Rax and Chich had moved into the same flat. Due to having the same taste in music led to song writing and jam sessions and eventually becoming a band – THANK THE LORD FOR THAT!

It’s hard to categorise their music; I would say indie rock but then comes in these catchy pop melodies tucked in with the ambient sounds of guitars and amplified by a constant rhythm; these gents have given us a new alternative to “ambient pop“.

The band has been influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd, Mac Demarco, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Local Natives, Tame Impala (YESSSSS!!!), Peace, Paul Simon, Neil Young, The Beatles (Revolutionary gents) and The Rolling Stones.

The gents have released 3 EPs, with their current self-titled EP being their first official release. This EP consists of 4 tracks; with each track encompassing its own individual mood and unique element to it. Expect a hybrid mixture of acoustic/folk, pop melodies, ambient guitar driven tracks all finished off the psychedelic rock (cue the tame impala influence – these gents know their stuff).

With thanks to the an overwhelming response from their EP release, the band will be kicking off the new year playing as many gigs around the UK as possible… And more importantly it looks like we can also expect a new album from them (WOOOHOOOO).

The DuBarrys 3

The DuBarrys are up&coming and bursting with talent; having played at the Isle of Wight Festival and having a week long recording session at Konk Studios in London – the same studio that some of their favourite bands had previously recorded in was a memorable experience for them.

On a serious note, when asked about their view on the music industry at the moment the guys say that with music industry is changing and it’s now harder to get support from big labels. Remaining optimistic they state “there’s hope for guitar music bands like Royal Blood breaking into the charts and doing really well for themselves – supporting Foo Fighters at Wembley Arena.”

Future dream collaborations for the band would be with Fleetwood Mac and Andre 3000 (if you are reading this and have some connections, help hook these guys up!).

So now that you’ve gotten a taste of these lovely lads you can support them by purchasing their album or streaming via Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Also stay up to date with their adventures by following them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


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