Artist Virginia Ben Creates Original Artwork For Crep Protect x Adidas

Crep Protect recently commissioned Manchester based artist Virginia Ben to design a mural by rain and stain, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Adidas Superstar trainer.

Known for his original artwork on sneakers and accessories, Ben created the live art installation during the Crep Protect Adidas Christmas party which has held in early December.

Watch the Crep Protect x Art Of Protection 3 featuring Virginia Ben here

Co-founder and director of Crep Protect, Jason Black discovered Ben’s work via social network platform Instagram. Jason discovered that Ben used Crep Protect to safeguard his sneakers after customizing them, which ensured that his artwork would not be ruined whilst people wore them.

According to Black; “I’d noticed Ben’s work for a while on Instagram and when I out he used Crep Protect as part of his creative process, I reached out. We discussed the possibility of him creating an original piece of art for us – and the Adidas party seemed like a natural fit as we always like to have an element of art and innovation in everything we do. It was a really nice touch to have Ben creating live at the party and watch the piece develop right in front of us.”

Since Ben had been using Crep Protect to protect his art work for a long time already, he was really excited to work with them on this project, which was a great success with a remarkable end result.

This is just the beginning of Ben’s career, who is fast on the rise and has been noted for his outstanding finish and originality in his work. His experience includes having his creations exhibited in the flagship stores across the UK for brands such as Liberty’s and Selfridges.

Virgina Ben x crep protect x adiddas

So you must be wondering Crep Protect is, right? The company which was started in 2012 by Jason Black and his business partner Imran Ahmed, had travelled to Germany to work on developing a product. The hydrophobic solution which uses nanotechnology to create an invisible, protective barrier preventing rain and stains from damaging footwear. Surfaces that have been applied with solution, repel most liquids and the treatment lasts up to two weeks.

See what went down at the Crep Protect x Adidas Christmas here


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