Jessie Ware Gives Us Some Tough Love

Before you read any further, please be so kind to PRESS PLAY below.


Let’s start… So the song above was the first song that I heard by the then unknown British singer who had a remarkably powerful and soulful voice.

Now Jessie Ware is back for round two, with a new album that was released towards the end of last year. Weird enough, the first track that I heard off the album was a song titled “Say you love me” and it was a remix (listen to the Jessie Ware playlist I created here).

The new album titled Tough Love” which is also the first single off her album sets the tone off the album. The album draws us in with Ware’s strongand powerful voice, which begins the escapades of emotions we are about to experience as she covers all genres and leaves no topic of the heart and soul left un-turned.

Source: Facebook Official

Source: Facebook Official

There’s more experimentation in this album as well, which I quite enjoy. Ware has successfully infused a sticky notch of pop-vocals with a variety of powerful ballads. For example, she turns it down for a midtempo vibe with ”Want Your Feeling” but then slowly turns the beat up with “Sweetest Song”, the album indeed provides a host of genres which whets the palette for everyone.

Source: Facebook official

Source: Facebook official

Moving along now to the ballad “Say You Love Me” co -written by Ed Sheeran, its catchy and soulful with slight hints of a pop. However Ware’s confidence in her music has clearly improved since Delayed Devotion as she allows you to step into a scene of flirtation and lust with “Champagne Kisses”. 

With Ware’s vocal talents are highlighted throughout the album, which credits her versatility. Noting that emotional range throughout the album is also tested; by the exploration of themes from let’s say listening to a particular song (“Kind Of… Sometimes… Maybe”) and wanting to do some late night texting to an ex or jumping through the loop and giving yourself pity/the confidence you need to take control (“Want Your Feeling”).

Source: Facebook official

Source: Facebook official

It’s a terrible business this love thing, it’s all over the place. However thanks to Jessie Ware and her Tough Love album, she has neatly packaged all the emotions you may feel into a beautiful 15 track album of love, denial, want, lust, acceptance and confidence.

You can purchase the album via iTunes, official Website.


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