Florence + The Machine : The Beating Drums

The Queen of dark indie pop is back!

Lead singer Florence Welch had confirmed in early Jan that fans of FATM can expect a new album come 2015. After this announcement and after four years of waiting, fans were treated to the first release of the new album.

The teaser (which you can watch below) for the new album titled “How big… how blue… how beautiful” engaged us with a two and a half-minute build-up of horns marked with Welch’s haunting voice. The video for this release was directed by Tabitha Denholm Vincent Haycock, and portrayed a battle of Florence versus Florence.

Soon after that came the release of the first single of the album; “What Kind Of Man” …. yes, Florence is back! The cinematic music video which was directed by Vincent Haycock and choreographed by Ryan Heffington; sees the storyline centred around a storm and lover – this also includes the nudity featured in video.

We see Florence engaging in dialogue with her mystery man flipped through to passionate bedroom scenes. Further enhancing the strong lyrical meaning with scenes of her dancing with a group of men.

With an air of vulnerability given to the song, sees the singer bare back on her bed and lover on the floor – with passion and fixation of love comes despair and hurt. There also seems to be the recurring image  of having to prove yourself in love – to declare your love and prove your worth to the other half in order to be accepted (reality of today perhaps?)

fatm cover 2

In a press release the singer stated; “I guess although I’ve always dealt in fantasy and metaphor when I came to writing, that meant the songs this time were dealing much more in reality. Ceremonials was so fixated on death, but the new album became about trying learn how to live, and how to love in the world rather than trying to escape from it. Which is frightening because I’m not hiding behind anything but it felt like something I had to do.”

The album is set for release on June 1st 2015.

fatm cover


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