Prada Cast Ansel, Miles, Jack & Ethan For Spring

With Spring 2015 campaigns coming at us at full force, it looks like fashion giant Prada has carefully curated an exceptional menswear spring 2015 campaign with the finest of gentlemen and household objects.

Source: Official Website

Source: Official Website – Ansel Elgort Prada Spring 2015

Prada brings together four of Hollywood’s leading men to lend their onscreen presence in aid of a series of photographic images conjuring up their own secrets.

The Spring/Summer 2015 campaign features Ansel Elgort peeling a tangerine, whilst Miles Teller scribbles on his hand with a pen, Ethan Hawke cuts a postcard all while Jack O’Connell sips on a glass of water… alluring and mischievous.

Source: Official Website  Miles Teller - Prada Spring 2015

Source: Official Website
Miles Teller – Prada Spring 2015

The campaign which was shot between London and New York by Craig McDean, appropriately created a balance between object and holder with focus shifting to close-ups of hands, faces and placing emphasis on something unknown. According to the release; “As if the magical forces that make the world seem normal have, for an indeterminately short time, revealed their strangeness.” 

The leitmotiv of the collection lies in the stitching, which produces a graphic effect (within large, small, in contrasting colours) all transforming and mixing the classic codes to create new ones. With the addition of modern proportions and silhouettes that invoke the 1970s, it brings forth a sense of peculiarity.

Source: Official Website Ethan Hawke - Prada Spring 2015

Source: Official Website
Ethan Hawke – Prada Spring 2015

The images of muted colour changes to bold black and white, and then back again to emulate the four actors’ fragmented mental focus. The campaign portrays a silence, a space for secrets.

Well it is without a doubt there’s no fault in Ansel Elgort’s stars, Miles Teller leaves us Whiplashed, Ethan Hawke has grown out of Boyhood and Jack O’Connell has broken us…

Source: Official Website Jack O'Connell- Prada Spring 2015

Source: Official Website
Jack O’Connell- Prada Spring 2015


Calvin Harris For Emporio Armani

Known as one of the highest paid DJ’s in the world, it looks like Calvin Harris has stepped out from behind the decks to show off some of his other talents in front of the lens.

I think I just died...

I think I just died…

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Let’s T.A.N


If I someone gave me a rand for every time I attempted starting a blog (basically back when I was still in high school) I would be able to retire and leave University because I’d be that rich!

Let me cut to the chase, T.A.N is a blog that I’ve really wanted to start for a very long time and hopefully now I am more than determined to keep it running due to my enthusiasm for the music and fashion industry being so much more developed.

I don’t regard myself as a blogger, but more so of a connoisseur. Any one can be a blogger these days. 

T.A.N stands for “The Alternative Native” – just realised that someone could actually read the address of this as ‘the alter native native’ hahahaha – let’s focus! The Alternative Native is me, being your alternative blog. I’m not a fan of pretty blogs, I need substance! And that is what I hope to deliver to you.

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