Mina Kwon Makes Our Favourite Sponge Wearable


Calling all SpongeBob fans!

Get ready to add a piece of our favourite characters from bikini bottom to your closet, with thanks to Forever 21 and Nickelodeon. The limited edition collection womens, mens and girls apparel and accessories have been released as a result of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water. The prints were designed by Korea-based artist Mina Kwon, who has gained a large international following due to her unique style. The collection features characters such as Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs and Squilliam Fancyson.

21 and bob 1 21 and bob 2


The Sound Of 50 Shades Of Grey

The first 50 Shades of Grey trailer teased us with a sexy and sultry rendition of Beyonce‘s – ‘Crazy in love, which let’s be honest basically set the tone for what was expected from the the movie – music wise, that is.

However, earlier this week songbird Ellie Goulding released the official music video for her ballad from the film titled ‘Love Me Like You Do‘.

The video, in true 50 Shades of Grey style teases us with visuals from the movie itself. Just like the build-up between Steele & Grey, it features Goulding showing off her ballroom dancing skills. However, in the final minute things get steamier with the pivotal lip-biting scene and plenty of hot scenes. Think Christian’s scarred chest, blindfold, whips and ice cubes to accompany the bare thigh close-ups.

This music video was just in time to whet our appetite for another song featured in the film by The Weeknd. The Weeknd who is known for his ‘below-the-belt’/provocative songs fitted perfectly into the film’s soundtrack with the music video for ‘Earned it‘. 

Honestly, I think the music video is perfect. At first I did have a bit of a problem with it, but then in the context of the film, the NSFW video hosts butts and whips and features Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) tied up and suspended from the rafters in her almost bare self. (They could have added a shirtless Jamie Dornan).

Let me know what you think about the music videos and songs?

The film is set for release 13th February. So if you alone for Valentine’s day (like me) treat yourself.

Review: Palo Alto

I honestly don’t know how and where to start reviewing/describing this movie. So maybe with a brief intro; Palo Alto is based on  a book of short stories written by James Franco. This is Gia Coppola’s 

Gia Coppola credit The NY Post

Gia Coppola credit The NY Post

début film, quite risky taking on a project like this – but let’s be realistic, her aunt is Sofia Coppola and grandfather is Francis Ford Coppola, so directing comes quite natural to her.

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What If….

Source: Cheeky Chicago

Source: Cheeky Chicago


Let me start of by saying that  this movie is,by far and without a doubt spot on about relationships of today.

The Story

Wallace a med school drop out, played by the dashing Daniel Radcliffe carries with him a heavy load of failed relationships, of which the story begins with his emergence back into society after walking in on his girlfriend and their lecturer getting it on. Poor bloke. So after a year of hibernation, his first contact with the opposite sex is Chantry an animator, played by Zoe Kazan, related to Wallace’s best friend Allan (Adam Driver). It’s an immediate ‘meet cute’ situation, like when two pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together. But as we know love is not as easy as its made to be in these movies.

Source: Teen

Source: Teen

The Plot twist

Chantry has a boyfriend, 5 years strong. This of course leaves dear Wallace out in the cold and dead in the middle of the ‘friendzone’ – which I’m sure many of us can relate. The chemistry between Chantry and Wallace is so evident, there’s a link and a bond that they both seem to share. It’s them having coffee/lunch/movie dates together, conversing via email (take note I hardly remember any use of texting via cellular device)  on topics such as faeces and fools gold, and things that only they can share and be weird about.

Source: IMDB

Source: IMDB

The Truth

Of course, Wallace does end up having feelings for Chantry but he doesn’t want to be that guy. You know, the guy that breaks up the relationship, because according to him; “It starts dirty, it ends dirty. A relationship that starts in a break-up is doomed to end in a break-up” – at this point he states that he is fine with just being friends. But the feelings are just building, advice from his best mate Allan is being 1) sleazy 2)conniving 3) pathetic 4) honest or 5) move on…… Which will Wallace choose?

Source: IMDB

Source: IMDB

The End

It’s a roller coaster tug-of-war emotions from both sides, the ending seems predictable at this point but… GO WATCH THE MOVIE! It’s really worth it!


Allan and Nicole (Mackenzie Davis) are sexed up love struck couple who support/motivate Wallace in convincing him that he and Chantry should date and stuff.

Director: Michael Dowse

Let’s T.A.N


If I someone gave me a rand for every time I attempted starting a blog (basically back when I was still in high school) I would be able to retire and leave University because I’d be that rich!

Let me cut to the chase, T.A.N is a blog that I’ve really wanted to start for a very long time and hopefully now I am more than determined to keep it running due to my enthusiasm for the music and fashion industry being so much more developed.

I don’t regard myself as a blogger, but more so of a connoisseur. Any one can be a blogger these days. 

T.A.N stands for “The Alternative Native” – just realised that someone could actually read the address of this as ‘the alter native native’ hahahaha – let’s focus! The Alternative Native is me, being your alternative blog. I’m not a fan of pretty blogs, I need substance! And that is what I hope to deliver to you.

Watch this space for upcoming designers and artists, my rookie attempt at delicious meals for one and my addiction to series&movies… also things in general that I find really interesting that I would like to share with you!