Barneys New York Better Than Ever

There’s always something special about Spring campaigns; they possess traits which help pave the upcoming season to be nothing short being fun and flirty. So it was of course no surprise when a popular fashion retailer tapped the industry’s favourite photographer and a handful of the most iconic (and beautiful) supermodels to add a touch ageless beauty to their upcoming spring campaign.

Barneys NY Spring campaign 1

Barney’s New York set up studio in Miami with photographer Bruce Weber to create their spring 2015 campaign titled “Better Than Ever”. The title is most suitable as it features models who have been strutting down the catwalks since the 70’s.

Barneys NY Spring campaign 2

The 10 former models (which judging by the images can give a few of the models today a good run – or should we say walk for their money) included Brooke Shields, Elaine Irwin, Kirsten Owen, Stephanie Seymour Brant, Veronica Webb, Christie Brinkley, Kiara Kabuluru, Pat Cleveland, Susanne Bartsch and Bethann Hardison ( who recently received an award from the CFDA for her work with the diversity coalition).

Barneys NY Spring campaign 3

Weber was there to capture the ladies whilst the models showed off their fiercest poses (let’s take note, these ladies still have tons of game), also aiding as props were a clad of hunky young men.

The display was ever so refreshing as it featured women and men of all ages, races and sizes – the sight of youngsters worshipping Brinkley by the pool does make one giggle.

Barneys NY Spring campaign 4

It’s quite clear that Barney’s campaigns are of a unique nature and does more than just capture the attention of consumers. For their last spring campaign titled “Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters”, which was also photographed by Weber, was a creative collection of portraits featuring transgender men and women posing among family and friends.

For more information about the campaign visit Barney’s blog, The Window.

Barneys NY Spring campaign 5 Barneys NY Spring campaign 6


Andrew Gn: 70’s Luxe

Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.4

Andrew Gn’s 2015 pre-fall collection added a dash of luxurious charm for a seventies inspired romantic affair with silk, sequins and motif.

Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.1

The collection something so special and unique, something that I still can’t put my finger on. Perhaps the fact that Gn drew inspiration from rich tapestries and had fabric specially manufactured for him, to help create a line dripping in authenticity and one of a kind artisanal styles.

Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.2

To help create the colourful woven motif used for the dresses, skirts and jackets, the designer worked with Italy’s Clerici Tessuto. To complete the looks, added decadence was given to the garments with graphic embroideries and hand-fringed trims.

Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.3

Spotted printed on the silk crêpe and satin by use of traditional techniques were Persian vein and Iznik ceramics that’s rooted in the tile-motif brocade and carnation flowers.

Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.5

The evening gowns were a grandeur display of medieval essence in the bustier ball gowns, some of which Gn dabbled with an Ikat-style motif in coloured sequins.

Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.6

Andrew Gn brought out a more youthful atmosphere to the bellowing hippie nostalgia with peasant blouses, shorts, cropped pants, cocooning coats and a flared pantsuits. Modesty and conservative looks were also given the luxurious revamp by soft intricate lace detailing.

Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.7 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.8 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.9 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.010 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.011 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.012 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.013 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.014 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.015 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.016 Andrew Gn PreFall 2015.017

TOPSHOP Gives Hailey Baldwin A Spring To Her Step

British retailer, Topshop recently revealed their denim spring collection; which stars celebrity offspring Hailey Baldwin.

The campaign which was shot by Oliver Hadlee Pearch sees Baldwin styled by Topshop creative director Kate Phelan in the collections latest offering, think flared jeans (hello 70’s!) to super skinnies (which look really comfortable and stretchy), as well as relaxed boyfriend style jeans. Topped in crop tops, basic t’s and over sized box tops, it’s a simple campaign which also highlights that this is just the beginning for Baldwin’s toned features.

Topshop Hailey baldwin 1

The creative director also added; “The TOPSHOP denim collection is perfect on Hailey. She has an energy and vitality that shows the collection of jeans and the different moods and personalities; the sexy Leigh, the tomboy Mom and the fashion girls favourite Baxter. Hailey is all these girls; she is street smart, stylish and most importantly individual. Which one are you?”

Topshop Hailey baldwin 2

Being the first big-name campaign, Baldwin has also come off the runways for Topshop, Sonia Rykiel and Moschino menswear, as well as being featured in Love, i.D and Vogue. This is definitely not the last we see from the 18 year old.

Topshop Hailey baldwin 3

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Halston & Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit A Flair Of The 70’s

On February 6th, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology opened its door s to an exhibition dedicated to the 70’s by works inspired by the innovators and icons of fashion.

From films to books; being adored and loved acquainted by the evil eye, tabloid spreads fuelled by the press. This is marks the first time showcasing the works Halston and Yves Saint Laurent.

Halston + YSL Exhibition

The exhibition titled “Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the 70’s”, should come as no surprise with the era’s free & fruitful nature and style overruling the runways since the spring summer 2014/2015 fashion week season.

It was deputy director of the Museum at FIT; Patricia Mears and the assistant curator Emma McClendon who pointed out the significance and timeline difference between the two. With each of the designers’ timeline highlighting both Halston’s and Yves Saint Laurent’s achievements and accomplishments and fall from grace from the late 1950’s through till 1984.

Halston + YSL Exhibition

On the walls hang rare photographs of Halston in his first showroom, to the opposite end which sees Saint Laurent strolling the streets of Paris shot by Jean-Luce Hure. What makes both designers admirable, is their drive and ambition in their work ethic; being regarded as men often possessed.

Halston + YSL Exhibition

Halston’s’ determination and preferred taste for rendering a sense of exclusiveness lay in the fact of him only wanting his clothes to be adorned by women of status, the socialites and Middle America. With every such dramatic action, came an equal and ‘disastrous’ reaction in the form Halston losing his unique and exclusive charm on the rails at Bergdorf Goodman with the Halston Limited line to the designer’s name appearing on J.C Penny dresses. With 1984 marking what can be considered the end of the designer’s career; through legal contracts negotiated by Norton Simon, the designer was barred from contact with design and product, including that no product should bear his name.  Some have said that the designer himself spread himself too thin and too much of a perfectionist, not delegating tasks and struggling to keep up with demands.

Halston + YSL Exhibition

With 1984 marking the fall of one designer, it also marked an unexpected phenomenon for Saint Laurent. The metropolitan museum of art had presented the designer with his own retrospective, which was curated by Diana Vreeland; this was the first of its kind, as no other designer at the time could claim such an honour.

What people should take note of, according to Mears; is seeing that Halston’s’ clothing revealed what a great technical dressmaker he was, crafting garments of quality that held a visual simplicity. These items were able to look beautiful on any body type.  They were easy to wear items, enabling women to dress themselves.

With Saint Laurent’s work mimicking the easy to wear look and style, it was rather misleading. However the similarity of these designers came in the form of silhouettes that were used, also lead to the idea and concept behind the materials that were used. “Just the idea that they were using the same sort of materials and sort of concept… we think they were trying to find the vocabulary, which eventually comes out in their hallmark styles. But in the early years of the seventies – the late sixties and early seventies – they’re still looking for it, so a lot of the time you really have trouble distinguishing who did what.”

Halston + YSL Exhibition

Something more evident in Saint Laurent and his ready-to-wear as pointed out by McClendon; “He was looking at Rive Gauche as the laboratory where he could experiment with potential controversial or un-couture influences like exoticism and menswear and historical revival. Then it would go up to his couture.

At the time of course, an idea that played well in the ready-to-wear field was bound for success in the couture lines. This came about with the concept of menswear revival, with separates being important for Rive Gauche, the approach was rooted from a males’ way of dressing – it was in essence that one would be able to combine different suit tops and bottoms. By coordinating these pieces accurately one would be able to build a wardrobe around Yves Saint Laurent, creating new style and adding to some uniformity in the design.

Halston + YSL Exhibition

With similarities there are the evident differences, with Halston trusting in creating pieces that featured a timeless element, whereas with Saint Laurent some pieces could take to a more dated look.

From the exhibit you can expect the portrayal of Russian fantasies and Elizabethan ideals from Saint Laurent – striking but did stand the test of time. With also introducing a minimalistic aspect in the form of sweaters sets and skirts, as well as minimal day looks.

Halston + YSL Exhibtion

The Chinoiserie garments are the perfect example of minimalism styles from Saint Laurent, which the 1977 collection featured two dark evening ensembles in printed silk. From Rive Gauche however stands a fuchsia skirt and coat – these can be said to be early experimental ideas in ready-to-wear before they were taken to couture.

There is much to learn and explore within the exhibition, consuming soft, delicate silks from Saint Laurent and flowy chiffons from Halston – it’s a cleaner and what can be said to be more sophisticated approach to the 70’s. Fashion went from girdle classes for women in the sixties to a ‘freedom of the body’ in the seventies.


Mina Kwon Makes Our Favourite Sponge Wearable


Calling all SpongeBob fans!

Get ready to add a piece of our favourite characters from bikini bottom to your closet, with thanks to Forever 21 and Nickelodeon. The limited edition collection womens, mens and girls apparel and accessories have been released as a result of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water. The prints were designed by Korea-based artist Mina Kwon, who has gained a large international following due to her unique style. The collection features characters such as Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs and Squilliam Fancyson.

21 and bob 1 21 and bob 2

Peter Dundas’ Last Kaleidoscope For Emilio Pucci?

Peter Dundas (left) & Marco Zanini (right)

Peter Dundas (left) & Marco Zanini (right)

It looks like a new kaleidoscope of colour is headed to Emilio Pucci for a long term playdate. According to sources and the rumour mill, Italian designer Marco Zanini, who departed from Schiaparelli last November, is expected relieve Peter Dundas of his duties after he delivers what is rumoured to be will be his last collection for Pucci in Milan on feb 28th.

Emilio Pucci Pre - Fall 2015

Emilio Pucci Pre – Fall 2015

With speculation being that Dundas will be returning to Roberto Cavalli, no announcement from Pucci has been made.

Emilio Pucci Pre - Fall 2015

Emilio Pucci Pre – Fall 2015

Zanini has quite the résumé; from being tapped as creative director of Schiaparelli in 2013, to previously designing RTW at Rochas, as well as work experience at Versace, Halston and Dolce & Gabbana.

Schiaparelli Fall Couture 2014

Schiaparelli Fall Couture 2014

It should come as no surprise that Zanini is a contender for Pucci; with his work etiquette involving a playful use of colour and patterns he would fit right in. Another advantage is that Zanini holds no signature line of his own, which will see him entirely dedicated to the brand. However, when asked about contact or moving to the brand Zanini denied the allegations.

Schiaparelli Fall Couture 2014

Schiaparelli Fall Couture 2014

Another rumoured contender is MSGM creative director Massimo Giorgetti.

Puma X McQueen Add A Spring To Your Step

Third time is more than a charm for the collaborative effort between Alexander McQueen and sports royalty brand Puma.

Puma x McQ 1

The collection kicks off the Spring/Summer 2015 season with bold and divergent colour palette of orange and blue forming the basis, accompanied by the metallic textures of traditional PUMA designs.

The sporty mesh fabric is combined with premium leather, and topped with glow-in-the-dark finishings. The colour way also gives sense to 1950s Formica, but in ode to the late McQueen its more vibrant and has a modern edge.

Puma x McQ 2

Another praise for the late McQueen lies in the Rush Mid Low and Mid T models sporting graphic tyre print covers, moulded into the silver metallic foil.

Puma is now taking notes from new creative director Rihanna of course, and have certainly upped their game.

Puma x McQ 3

Reserved For Brooklyn Beckham

It was only a matter of time that Victoria and David Beckham‘s eldest son Brooklyn made his début into the fashion world. This comes hot off the heels after younger brother Romeo charmed us in Burberry‘s Christmas campaign.

The 15-year old has landed Polish-based fashion brand Reserved‘s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. Brooklyn is the face of brands’ “Volcanic Explosion” line; which combines sportswear and fashion, targeting those with an active lifestyle and love for fashion – this basically makes Brooklyn the ideal candidate, who is an avid soccer player and with a mother like Victoria, fashion is defs in his blood.

Source: Reserved instagram

Source: Reserved instagram

The behind the scene snaps came via Reserved’s instagram feed, of which sees Brooklyn bringing out some laid back vibes in a plaid shirt, jeans and sneakers and then up-ing his game in sportier attire on a bicycle.

Source: Reserved instagram

Source: Reserved instagram

Artist Virginia Ben Creates Original Artwork For Crep Protect x Adidas

Crep Protect recently commissioned Manchester based artist Virginia Ben to design a mural by rain and stain, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Adidas Superstar trainer.

Known for his original artwork on sneakers and accessories, Ben created the live art installation during the Crep Protect Adidas Christmas party which has held in early December.

Watch the Crep Protect x Art Of Protection 3 featuring Virginia Ben here

Co-founder and director of Crep Protect, Jason Black discovered Ben’s work via social network platform Instagram. Jason discovered that Ben used Crep Protect to safeguard his sneakers after customizing them, which ensured that his artwork would not be ruined whilst people wore them.

According to Black; “I’d noticed Ben’s work for a while on Instagram and when I out he used Crep Protect as part of his creative process, I reached out. We discussed the possibility of him creating an original piece of art for us – and the Adidas party seemed like a natural fit as we always like to have an element of art and innovation in everything we do. It was a really nice touch to have Ben creating live at the party and watch the piece develop right in front of us.”

Since Ben had been using Crep Protect to protect his art work for a long time already, he was really excited to work with them on this project, which was a great success with a remarkable end result.

This is just the beginning of Ben’s career, who is fast on the rise and has been noted for his outstanding finish and originality in his work. His experience includes having his creations exhibited in the flagship stores across the UK for brands such as Liberty’s and Selfridges.

Virgina Ben x crep protect x adiddas

So you must be wondering Crep Protect is, right? The company which was started in 2012 by Jason Black and his business partner Imran Ahmed, had travelled to Germany to work on developing a product. The hydrophobic solution which uses nanotechnology to create an invisible, protective barrier preventing rain and stains from damaging footwear. Surfaces that have been applied with solution, repel most liquids and the treatment lasts up to two weeks.

See what went down at the Crep Protect x Adidas Christmas here

Sonia Rykiel And The Jaggers

Earlier today Paris fashion house Sonia Rykiel released their latest Spring/Summer 2015 campaign.

Source: Sonia Rykiel Official Georgia May Jagger & Elisabeth Jagger SS 2015

Source: Sonia Rykiel Official
Georgia May Jagger & Elisabeth Jagger SS 2015


The ad campaign was shot by Juergen Teller , who captured the various poses struck by sisters Georgia May Jagger and Elisabeth Jagger. The model sisters who are fashion and rock’n’roll royalty, flawlessly show of the structured and effortless silhouettes of the new collection.

Source: Sonia Rykiel  Georgia May Jagger & Elisabeth Jagger SS 2015

Source: Sonia Rykiel
Georgia May Jagger & Elisabeth Jagger SS 2015