LISTEN UP: Tame Impala Has A New Song

Drawing us in with soft electronic guitar strums alongside lead singer Kevin Parker‘s vocals, is a delicious composition from the latest offering by Tame Impala. The new single titled ‘Let it happen’ , is 7:50 minutes of pure bliss! Channelling The Beatles circa Magical Mystery tour combined with bubbling piano keys and Daft-Punkesque vocals,  it’s the fix that we’ve all been waiting for!

Let It Happen


Passion Pit Caught In Heartstrings


Before we could say jack Robinson,  less than 24 hours after the first release of their new single Lifted Up (1985), Passion Pit released a new music video.
With the dance vibe turned down, Michael Angelakos’ voice is full steam ahead with a catchier more laid back synth hit-to-be track titled ‘where the sky hangs’.

Judging by how quick the singles are being released, the album is bound to satisfy fans and critics.

Passion Pit: The Kindred Spirit

After all the teasing we’ve had to endure over the last month, Passion Pit finally decided (yesterday) to release the first single of the new album; titled “Kindred”.

The single also comes a week after Madeon  released his latest single featuring Passion Pit titled “Pay No Mind”.

Kindred is the first LP since the bands synth-pop infused 2012 LP Gossamer. The 10 track album is available on April 21st, with pre-orders going live today.

With Michael Angelakos voice blaring through the dance track, with a lyrical vibe heading “1985 was a good year/The sky broke apart then you appeared/Lifted off the ground / I took your hands and pulled down.”

Passion Pit 1

“Lifted Up (1985)”  tickles our earbuds two months after Angelakos had posted a decent batch of new music to his personal SoundCloud – sadly none made the cut, except for a track titled “Five Foot Ten”.

Jessie Ware’s Colourful Display For Champagne Kisses

As stated in a previous post, “Champagne Kisses” was and is my favourite single from Jessie Ware’s latest LP offering; “Tough Love“. So of course I was beyond excited for the release of the official music video.


The video directed by Christopher Sweeney; gives a colourful, artistic and visual representation of… ummm… Champagne Kisses? I won’t lie, this was not what I had in mind when I pictured the music video.

jessieware ck1

With the singer trapped in waiting in a tv set, featuring vast images such as pills, a golden telephone and Rubiks cubes; as well as Ware posing with her conjoined twin and sprawled on the floor under a mallet – oh yes, from the torso she is also made from wood?


Florence + The Machine : The Beating Drums

The Queen of dark indie pop is back!

Lead singer Florence Welch had confirmed in early Jan that fans of FATM can expect a new album come 2015. After this announcement and after four years of waiting, fans were treated to the first release of the new album.

The teaser (which you can watch below) for the new album titled “How big… how blue… how beautiful” engaged us with a two and a half-minute build-up of horns marked with Welch’s haunting voice. The video for this release was directed by Tabitha Denholm Vincent Haycock, and portrayed a battle of Florence versus Florence.

Soon after that came the release of the first single of the album; “What Kind Of Man” …. yes, Florence is back! The cinematic music video which was directed by Vincent Haycock and choreographed by Ryan Heffington; sees the storyline centred around a storm and lover – this also includes the nudity featured in video.

We see Florence engaging in dialogue with her mystery man flipped through to passionate bedroom scenes. Further enhancing the strong lyrical meaning with scenes of her dancing with a group of men.

With an air of vulnerability given to the song, sees the singer bare back on her bed and lover on the floor – with passion and fixation of love comes despair and hurt. There also seems to be the recurring image  of having to prove yourself in love – to declare your love and prove your worth to the other half in order to be accepted (reality of today perhaps?)

fatm cover 2

In a press release the singer stated; “I guess although I’ve always dealt in fantasy and metaphor when I came to writing, that meant the songs this time were dealing much more in reality. Ceremonials was so fixated on death, but the new album became about trying learn how to live, and how to love in the world rather than trying to escape from it. Which is frightening because I’m not hiding behind anything but it felt like something I had to do.”

The album is set for release on June 1st 2015.

fatm cover

Cannons Find Their Evening Star

Source: Official Facebook page

Source: Official Facebook page

Remember that band from Cali, Cannons? If you don’t remember and need to refresh your memory or you haven’t heard of them before, then you ought to Fire The Cannons (in other words click on that link to listen to some of their amazing tracks and learn a bit more about the band).

The new song titled ‘Evening Star‘ features lead singer Michelle’s’ raw and sultry voice caving into a more up tempo electronic beat concocted by Paul and Ryan. With a sense of vulnerability echoing through the song, the track doesn’t lose its future boogie essence that we’ve become familiar with.

This latest offering from the band has certainly secured their place in my music library as not only being one of my favourites, but Stars on the rise!

Listen to their track on SoundCloud or purchase their track via Bandcamp


Sun Cut Flat Fills Your Blank Soul

In true T.A.N fashion, in order to get the ball rolling I need you hit PLAY below.

Yeah, you feeling that beat now… head bouncing… cue some swaying to the percussion…

Okay, okay before I get anymore sidetracked I would like to introduce you all to the raw, organic, energy filled rhythms of Sun Cut Flat.

Sun Cut Flat 2

Throwback to Boston around 2008/2009 to the corridors of Berklee School of Music where first years Erik Kramer, Chris Pegram and Angelo Spaminato met, of which it was not long before the new introduction of another first year student; Nick Lattanzi who was attending Boston University.

Describing their music as a constantly changing sound which evolves through rehearsing and sessions of writing new music; explaining that they try to make music that has a soul and is easily accessible. With all four gents coming from different musical backgrounds, it’s easy to feel these individual influences when they come together to create a very electronic, rhythmic, soulful balance.

Having been influenced by the greats such Bob MarleyMiles Davis, and Radio Head to the modern day heroes of Swedish electronic band Little DragonKimbra, Gorillaz, Beck, Flying Lotus, Outkast, Boards of Canada… The list is endless.

Earlier this year, the band has recently released a 14 track album titled Copy Machine Dream, a home recording projected concocted in Nick’s apartment studio just before the band hopped on over to New York City. (Can you just imagine how amaze-balls it would be to chill in the studio and listen to live recordings? Feeling the slow electronic synths creep through into you?)

The album offers an array of genres, covering folk and indie pop, to neo-soul and a dash of electronic. It’s a fragrant mixture on their take on ambient folk; perfect for those days (and any day in general) to just hit play and losing yourself. The tempo has been adjusted slightly for each track, but the band remains constant in delivering an album that can satisfy any lost soul.

There is no rest for the wicked, as the band are currently working on new songs (thanks!) and performing live gigs (GO CHECK THEM OUT!), which hopefully will see them hitting the road and bringing you the orgasmic raw home grown energy filled performances – hearing the smooth combo of the sax, electric guitar, piano & percussion live sounds like a dream!

When asked what their greatest achievement so far was, these lovely gents stated; “our greatest achievement has just been getting really nice emails from people in different countries saying they really liked our music and are excited to hear more” – I don’t know about you, but that has to be the sweetest and most honest thing I’ve ever heard. This is real genuine band.

The music industry in general is cut throat and controversial; often making it difficult to hear the sounds we need. N.E.A.C (acronym for Nick, Erik, Angelo & Chris) state their view on the industry knowing that there are a ton amazing musicians and music out there; however it does take effort to find these artists. It’s frustrating trying to break through the noise, especially if you know that you have a sound that people like and want to hear. That’s why according to the band, touring is so important.

I raised my eyebrow when I read that N.E.A.C would like to feature both 2 Chainz and Bob Dylan on the same track – Dylan I understand, but 2 Chainz? That, will defs be an interesting collab and I’m hoping it happens! Other artists on their collab wish list include Kimbra, Little Dragon, Kendrik Lamar, Thom Yorke, Damon Albarn, Q Tip and Norah Jones (and many, many more).

So now that you’ve read this post and listened to their music, go ahead and fill your ‘blank soul‘ by streaming or purchasing the album via bandcamp (FOR FREE!) or SoundCloud.

Also don’t forget to show these guys some love and like their Facebook page.








Jessie Ware Gives Us Some Tough Love

Before you read any further, please be so kind to PRESS PLAY below.


Let’s start… So the song above was the first song that I heard by the then unknown British singer who had a remarkably powerful and soulful voice.

Now Jessie Ware is back for round two, with a new album that was released towards the end of last year. Weird enough, the first track that I heard off the album was a song titled “Say you love me” and it was a remix (listen to the Jessie Ware playlist I created here).

The new album titled Tough Love” which is also the first single off her album sets the tone off the album. The album draws us in with Ware’s strongand powerful voice, which begins the escapades of emotions we are about to experience as she covers all genres and leaves no topic of the heart and soul left un-turned.

Source: Facebook Official

Source: Facebook Official

There’s more experimentation in this album as well, which I quite enjoy. Ware has successfully infused a sticky notch of pop-vocals with a variety of powerful ballads. For example, she turns it down for a midtempo vibe with ”Want Your Feeling” but then slowly turns the beat up with “Sweetest Song”, the album indeed provides a host of genres which whets the palette for everyone.

Source: Facebook official

Source: Facebook official

Moving along now to the ballad “Say You Love Me” co -written by Ed Sheeran, its catchy and soulful with slight hints of a pop. However Ware’s confidence in her music has clearly improved since Delayed Devotion as she allows you to step into a scene of flirtation and lust with “Champagne Kisses”. 

With Ware’s vocal talents are highlighted throughout the album, which credits her versatility. Noting that emotional range throughout the album is also tested; by the exploration of themes from let’s say listening to a particular song (“Kind Of… Sometimes… Maybe”) and wanting to do some late night texting to an ex or jumping through the loop and giving yourself pity/the confidence you need to take control (“Want Your Feeling”).

Source: Facebook official

Source: Facebook official

It’s a terrible business this love thing, it’s all over the place. However thanks to Jessie Ware and her Tough Love album, she has neatly packaged all the emotions you may feel into a beautiful 15 track album of love, denial, want, lust, acceptance and confidence.

You can purchase the album via iTunes, official Website.

The Sound Of 50 Shades Of Grey

The first 50 Shades of Grey trailer teased us with a sexy and sultry rendition of Beyonce‘s – ‘Crazy in love, which let’s be honest basically set the tone for what was expected from the the movie – music wise, that is.

However, earlier this week songbird Ellie Goulding released the official music video for her ballad from the film titled ‘Love Me Like You Do‘.

The video, in true 50 Shades of Grey style teases us with visuals from the movie itself. Just like the build-up between Steele & Grey, it features Goulding showing off her ballroom dancing skills. However, in the final minute things get steamier with the pivotal lip-biting scene and plenty of hot scenes. Think Christian’s scarred chest, blindfold, whips and ice cubes to accompany the bare thigh close-ups.

This music video was just in time to whet our appetite for another song featured in the film by The Weeknd. The Weeknd who is known for his ‘below-the-belt’/provocative songs fitted perfectly into the film’s soundtrack with the music video for ‘Earned it‘. 

Honestly, I think the music video is perfect. At first I did have a bit of a problem with it, but then in the context of the film, the NSFW video hosts butts and whips and features Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) tied up and suspended from the rafters in her almost bare self. (They could have added a shirtless Jamie Dornan).

Let me know what you think about the music videos and songs?

The film is set for release 13th February. So if you alone for Valentine’s day (like me) treat yourself.