Barneys New York Better Than Ever

There’s always something special about Spring campaigns; they possess traits which help pave the upcoming season to be nothing short being fun and flirty. So it was of course no surprise when a popular fashion retailer tapped the industry’s favourite photographer and a handful of the most iconic (and beautiful) supermodels to add a touch ageless beauty to their upcoming spring campaign.

Barneys NY Spring campaign 1

Barney’s New York set up studio in Miami with photographer Bruce Weber to create their spring 2015 campaign titled “Better Than Ever”. The title is most suitable as it features models who have been strutting down the catwalks since the 70’s.

Barneys NY Spring campaign 2

The 10 former models (which judging by the images can give a few of the models today a good run – or should we say walk for their money) included Brooke Shields, Elaine Irwin, Kirsten Owen, Stephanie Seymour Brant, Veronica Webb, Christie Brinkley, Kiara Kabuluru, Pat Cleveland, Susanne Bartsch and Bethann Hardison ( who recently received an award from the CFDA for her work with the diversity coalition).

Barneys NY Spring campaign 3

Weber was there to capture the ladies whilst the models showed off their fiercest poses (let’s take note, these ladies still have tons of game), also aiding as props were a clad of hunky young men.

The display was ever so refreshing as it featured women and men of all ages, races and sizes – the sight of youngsters worshipping Brinkley by the pool does make one giggle.

Barneys NY Spring campaign 4

It’s quite clear that Barney’s campaigns are of a unique nature and does more than just capture the attention of consumers. For their last spring campaign titled “Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters”, which was also photographed by Weber, was a creative collection of portraits featuring transgender men and women posing among family and friends.

For more information about the campaign visit Barney’s blog, The Window.

Barneys NY Spring campaign 5 Barneys NY Spring campaign 6